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iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Original price was: £69.98.Current price is: £34.99.

  • Certified, brand new battery covered by extended guarantee
  • Replacement offered with while-you-wait or 24 turnaround
iPhone 8 Battery Replacement
iPhone 8 Battery Replacement £69.98 Original price was: £69.98.£34.99Current price is: £34.99.
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  • No hidden cost
  • Over 1000 5-star reviews
  • Technicians with over 15 years of experience
  • All prices include VAT
  • Warranty up to 12 months
  • Data Protection by ICO.
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iPhone 8 Battery Replacement guarantees you:

  • A brand new (not refurbished or second hand) sealed iPhone 8 Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 8 Battery which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provides to make sure you receive the best quality service
  • 1 hour repair if you visit us in the store OR the same day repair and return for online customers
  • Peace of mind you are doing the right thing!

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Battery replacement for the iPhone 8 is a crucial process that can significantly extend your device’s lifespan. In our online store, we offer a professional battery replacement service that will restore your iPhone 8 to its prime power and performance. Below, we provide detailed information about the process of battery replacement for the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement in the UK

Battery replacement for the iPhone 8 in the UK is a process that can be carried out in many service centres. Our online store offers a swift and professional battery replacement service, with skilled personnel and high-quality replacement parts. The battery replacement process is quick and painless, with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Many customers in the UK choose our services due to our competitive prices and high standard of service. Our central location makes it easy to access our service, and we also offer the option of shipping your device to us if you are unable to visit us in person. Our iPhone 8 battery replacement service is trustworthy, as confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews. Battery replacement is key to maintaining optimal performance of your iPhone 8, and our team of experts is here to assist you in this process. We always use high-quality batteries that meet or exceed the specifications set by Apple. Our service is fast, so you can expect your iPhone 8 to be repaired and returned to you in a short time.

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement Cost

The cost of iPhone 8 battery replacement can vary depending on the service centre chosen. Free Fusion’s online store offers competitive prices that are among the best in the market. Our fee for battery replacement includes both the cost of replacement parts and the labour of our skilled technicians. With our transparent pricing policy, you will always know how much you will pay for the service, with no hidden charges. The prices are set fairly to ensure that you receive the best value for your money. Additionally, we offer a warranty on our services, which means you can be confident that your investment is safe. Our warranty covers both the battery and the labour, giving you peace of mind. It’s also worth noting that investing in professional battery replacement can significantly extend the lifespan of your iPhone 8, which in the long run can save you money on purchasing a new device. Free Fusion’s online store is a proud provider of high-quality battery replacement services at competitive prices.

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement Near Me

If you’re on the hunt for a service offering “iPhone 8 battery replacement near me,” our online store emerges as an excellent choice.
Our central location facilitates easy access to our service, and we also extend the option of shipping your device to us if a personal visit is not feasible. Free Fusion team of experts, with a wealth of experience in iPhone 8 battery replacements, ensures your device is in adept hands. Our battery replacement service is characterized by speed and efficiency, promising a swift repair and return of your iPhone 8. Moreover, our high customer service standards make sure you are constantly updated about the repair progress, and the Free Fusion team is always ready to answer any questions you may have. By opting for our online store for your iPhone 8 battery replacement, you choose a blend of quality, speed, and professionalism.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance of Replacement Batteries:

Ensuring the authenticity and quality of the replacement battery is crucial for the longevity and performance of your iPhone 8. At the Free Fusion store, we prioritize providing high-quality replacement batteries that meet or surpass the specifications set by Apple.

All provided batteries undergo stringent testing and quality assurance processes to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We source our batteries from reputable manufacturers, ensuring compliance with all necessary safety and quality standards.
Our commitment to quality signifies that you can trust our replacement batteries to provide a reliable power source for your iPhone 8, ensuring your device operates efficiently for an extended period.
Free Fusion’s expert technicians are adept in the intricacies of iPhone 8 battery replacement, ensuring a seamless and effective replacement process. By opting for our store for your iPhone 8 battery replacement, you are investing in quality, authenticity, and peace of mind.
Our customer-centric approach ensures you receive superior service and products, making your iPhone 8 battery replacement a worthwhile investment.

Duration of iPhone 8 Battery Replacement Service:

The duration of the iPhone 8 battery replacement service can fluctuate depending on the service centre. Our store aims to provide a swift and efficient service so you can have your fully functional device back as soon as possible. Free Fusion’s team of experts is highly qualified and experienced, enabling us to minimize the time required for battery replacement.
Typically, this process spans from a few hours to one working day, contingent on the workload of our technicians. We always strive to inform our customers about the anticipated service duration so they can plan their days accordingly. Customers value our efficiency and transparency in communication, encouraging many to return to us with further orders.
In particular, we offer the possibility of tracking the repair status online, allowing you to stay updated with the progress of the work.
Free Fusion’s store is where speed meets quality, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Warranty on iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

We extend a solid warranty on our iPhone 8 battery replacement services, an additional advantage of selecting our store. The warranty encompasses both the battery and the labour executed by our technicians, assuring that the investment in battery replacement is safe and worthwhile. Our team of experts is always on standby to answer any queries regarding the warranty and the battery replacement process. We strive to satisfy our customers by offering high-quality services and after-sales support. Our warranty is a testament to confidence in the quality of our services and the replacement parts we utilize.
By choosing our store for your iPhone 8 battery replacement, you receive professional service and the peace of mind that accompanies a solid warranty.

How to Prepare iPhone 8 for Battery Replacement

Preparing your iPhone 8 for battery replacement is a straightforward process that can further secure your data and device. We advise backing up all crucial data before delivering the device to our store; however, it’s not necessary (especially if the device is dead).
This can be done using iCloud or iTunes. Subsequently, it’s advisable to deactivate the “Find My iPhone” feature and remove any screen locks, facilitating our technicians’ access to the device and accelerating the battery replacement process.
If you have any questions or doubts about preparing your iPhone 8 for battery replacement, our experts are always ready to help and provide the necessary information. Our store offers complete support at every stage of the battery replacement process, ensuring you can enjoy your device longer.


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