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Smartphones provide us with a lot of joy, however, it is very easy to break them. Water damage, broken screens and weak batteries – those are only a few of the many defects that may occur to your device. Luckily, if you are the owner of iPhone 6 and you are in trouble, you can ask for help with any iPhone 6 repair! Free Fusion team is happy to help at any time!

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Professional iPhone 6 repair near me

Since 2012 we have been providing the best possible iPhone service in the UK, dedicated to regular users and also business customers. Our offer includes the repair of all sorts of iPhone 6 issues as well as any other Apple devices. Unlike many of our competitors we provide you with a professional diagnosis before we start our work. Thanks to our diagnosis we can make you fully aware of any iPhone 6 repair’s that your device may need including the cost. This will allow you to decide whether you can afford the repairs or not. Our service is located in the East Midlands in the Northamptonshire but you don’t have to travel there to fix your smartphone. We offer a Send-in-Service – you may ship the device to our office and after the job is done we’ll ship it back to you right away. All of our repairs are done in Another advantage of our iPhone 6 service is the price – we’ll do everything we can to reduce the final cost to the minimum. If you have any additional questions about our offer – feel free to contact our team by email or phone.

The most common iPhone 6 repairs

You may experience many unexpected accidents during the daily use of your favorite device that may require our professional help. One of the most popular iPhone 6 repairs is liquid damage treatment which is necessary after you drop the device into water or other liquids. Even if your iPhone 6 is still under warranty Apple do not cover water damage treatment and this may cost you a lot of money. After a very detailed diagnosis we will be able to find the best solution and bring your smartphone back to life. This type of damage cannot be ignored even if the device is still working. The water inside of it will cause irreversible changes to its motherboard – that is why you need to act very fast. Another common type of repair of iPhone 6 is replacing a broken screen with a new one. This option is also available from our company at a very reasonable price! Unfortunately accidental damage is very common and your device is easy to damage. After a device has been dropped the screen may shatter or crack but we can replace it with a brand new one – not refurbished (as many other companies would do). Thanks to this your smartphone will be as good as a new !

Another Apple iPhone 6 repairs

After a couple of years of charging, the battery in your smartphone starts to lose its capacity and it needs to be replaced with a new one. This is another type of iPhone 6 repair UK you may order from our company. Due to the specific design of Apple devices it is better to entrust such a service to professionals who have the right equipment. Unlike many other companies from our field we use only certified batteries. It is very important if you want your phone to work efficiently after we finish the job. We also offer fixing of the earpiece which is recommended when the sound quality has deteriorated. The main causes of such problem are dirt buildup where dust and grime particles clog the earpiece’s intake system. After the meticulous diagnosis of the defect our engineers will recommend you to fix this component or replace it with a new one. As with the batteries – we use only certified earpieces to provide you with a guarantee of a clear sound. It is very important to act quickly as soon as you notice any changes in a speaker’s volume or a quality of sound. Otherwise – this component will be damaged for good! There are many other faults that our professional team are able to fix in your iPhone 6! Contact our office in Corby as soon as you notice any irregularities in the functioning of your smartphone’s: charging port, power button, front and rear camera, headphone and so on.

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