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Top 10 Most Popular Repairs for iPhone

With 15 years of experience in the UK market, Free Fusion has been at the forefront of Apple device repairs since the release of the first iPhone. Our journey began with a passion for the Apple brand, and over the years, we’ve developed a deep expertise in iPhone repairs. Our team includes highly experienced technicians who are authentic enthusiasts of Apple products, especially iPhones. At Free Fusion, we take pride in delivering excellent repair services, ensuring each device receives the utmost care and precision. Join us as we explore the top 10 most popular iPhone repairs, backed by our extensive experience and dedication to quality.

top 10 iPhone screen replacement

1. iPhone Screen Replacement

We can say with confidence the most popular iPhone repair is undoubtedly the iPhone screen replacement. Regardless of the model, whether it’s the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, or iPhone 15, iPhone screen replacement remains the most frequent repair. The iPhone screen is the most commonly used part of the device and is, therefore, most susceptible to damage. Daily use exposes the screen to various risks, including drops, impacts, and scratches. Because of this, screens are often the first component to break, necessitating repair. Over the years, we have seen a consistent demand for iPhone screen replacements, highlighting the importance of this service. This consistent need for iPhone screen repair has driven us to improve our techniques continuously. This experience has allowed us to perfect our methods, ensuring high-quality iPhone screen repair services for all iPhone models.

top 10 iPhone battery replacement

2. iPhone Battery Replacement

The iPhone battery replacement is the second most popular iPhone repair. On average, the need for an iPhone battery replacement arises just one year after purchasing the device. Despite the introduction of new OLED screens, batteries are depleted faster than before. Apple has implemented battery health information in newer models, but once the battery health drops below 80%, it becomes essential to replace it. At this point, using the iPhone becomes increasingly frustrating due to diminished battery performance. Regular battery replacements are crucial to maintain the device’s efficiency and user satisfaction. Our extensive experience allows us to provide swift and reliable battery replacement services for all iPhone models. A healthy battery ensures you can make the most of your iPhone without interruptions.

top 10 iPhone charging port replacement

3. iPhone Charging Port Replacement

iPhone charging port replacement is a widespread iPhone repair, affecting models like the iPhone 8, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The charging port often gets damaged due to regular use. Sometimes, a simple cleaning with special tools and solutions can solve the problem. However, when cleaning doesn’t work, a complete charging port replacement becomes necessary. In the newest iPhones, such as the iPhone 15, Apple iPhone charger point replacement has switched to a USB-C charging port. It is too early to tell if the switch to USB-C has reduced port damage because currently, few devices require repair with this new port. Based on our experience with other brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Google Pixel, the problem with USB-C ports remains significant and sometimes even worse. Maintaining a functioning charging port is essential for the overall usability of the iPhone.

top 10 iPhone back glass replacement

4. iPhone Back Glass Replacement

From the iPhone 8 Plus to models like the iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone back glass replacement has become a trendy repair. Any drop can cause the back glass to crack or shatter, necessitating a replacement to prevent further damage or water ingress. This can lead to significant internal damage and costly repairs if not addressed. iPhone owners with damaged back glass must find a service that performs this repair according to Apple’s standards, which sometimes includes replacing the frame to avoid voiding the warranty. At Free Fusion, we adhere to these strict standards, ensuring quality and warranty compliance. For the newest models like the iPhone 15, replacing just the back glass as Apple requires is sufficient. Apple voids warranties if the back glass is replaced using laser removal and adhesive methods that allow the glue to seep inside, potentially damaging internal components. In removing the glass, other parts can often be damaged if not done correctly. This makes choosing a professional service provider like Free Fusion even more important.

top 10 iPhone water damage repair

5. iPhone Water Damage Repair

Whether it’s an older iPhone or the latest models like the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone water damage repair is a crucial service. Despite manufacturers’ claims of water resistance, these devices are typically only protected against splashes or brief contact with water. Water often manages to get inside the phone, causing significant damage. Older models are particularly vulnerable to water damage. The most crucial step when such an incident occurs is to turn off the phone and avoid charging it immediately. Finding a professional service to open the phone and thoroughly clean the water using advanced technology is essential. This helps halt the corrosion process, which can ultimately lead to the phone’s failure. iPhone water damage repair cost varies for each phone, but time is the most critical factor— the quicker the response, the lower the repair costs. A professional cleaning is often sufficient to save the device and restore its functionality.

top 10 iPhone rear camera glass replacement

6. iPhone Rear Camera Glass Replacement

iPhone rear camera glass replacement is currently a common repair. These repairs are becoming more frequent with each new model, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro. Apple uses increasingly larger and better cameras, making this component more susceptible to damage. The cost of repair is relatively low, so it is advisable to address it as soon as possible. The cameras are very delicate; over time, dust can enter through the broken glass, which cannot be removed. If dust gets inside, it often necessitates replacing the rear camera. Ensuring the rear camera glass is intact is essential for maintaining the camera’s functionality and quality. Prompt replacement also helps maintain the iPhone’s overall aesthetics and resale value.

top 10 iPhone earpiece replacement

7. iPhone Earpiece Replacement

iPhone earpiece replacement is a repair that frequently appears in our service centre since we began our operations. Over time, the mesh that protects the upper earpiece becomes clogged, causing the sound to become progressively quieter during calls. Sometimes, simply replacing the mesh is enough to restore clear sound. However, in some cases, the earpiece needs replacement, especially in models like the iPhone X and iPhone XR where Face ID is present. The repair cost for these models is higher because the entire flex cable needs to be soldered to the new earpiece to maintain Face ID functionality. This repair ensures that users can continue to enjoy clear audio during calls. It’s essential to address this issue promptly to prevent further complications. Our skilled technicians at Free Fusion are experienced in performing these delicate repairs with precision.

top 10 iPhone rear camera replacement

8. iPhone Rear Camera Replacement

iPhone rear camera replacement is a crucial repair often following a drop or impact. Common issues necessitating this repair include the camera losing focus or photos appearing foggy. There are three cameras in newer models like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Consequently, the repair cost is higher, as all three cameras must be replaced. This is because Apple recommends replacing all the cameras simultaneously due to their interconnected nature, making it difficult to replace them individually. Ensuring the proper functioning of the rear cameras is essential for maintaining photo and video quality. Prompt replacement helps prevent further issues and restores the device’s full functionality. At Free Fusion, we have the expertise to perform these intricate repairs with precision and care, ensuring your iPhone continues to deliver top performance

top 10 iPhone antenna replacement

9. iPhone Antenna WiFi Replacement

iPhone antenna WiFi replacement is a necessary repair that most commonly occurs in iPhones exposed to water. After water damage and subsequent cleaning, the WiFi antenna often has a fragile signal or stops working entirely, necessitating a replacement. This issue rarely occurs due to a drop, but sometimes the antenna stops functioning and must be replaced. Ensuring a strong WiFi connection is crucial for the device’s optimal performance. In models where water exposure has been a problem, replacing the WiFi antenna can restore full connectivity. Quick replacement prevents further connectivity issues and helps maintain the device’s usability. At Free Fusion, we specialize in precise and efficient iPhone WiFi antenna replacements for all iPhone models, ensuring your device stays connected.

top 10 iPhone front camera replacement

10. iPhone Front Camera Replacement

iPhone front camera replacement is often necessary when the device has been dropped and the screen is shattered or after the phone has been exposed to water. In some models, the cost of replacing the front camera is not high, but the replacement is more complicated for the latest phones like the iPhone 12, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15. This is because replacing the front camera in these models can result in losing Face ID functionality, as the front camera cannot be separated from the iPhone Face ID module. Ensuring the front camera is in good working order is essential for maintaining the device’s full functionality. At Free Fusion, we understand the intricacies of these repairs and ensure they are done with precision. Quick and professional replacement helps prevent further issues and maintains the quality of your iPhone. Trusting experts with such repairs ensures the longevity and reliability of your device.

The top 10 most popular iPhone repairs highlighted here are based on our extensive experience at Free Fusion over the past 15 years. From iPhone screen replacements to iPhone front camera replacements, each repair addresses common issues faced by iPhone users. Our expertise ensures that every repair, whether for an iPhone 12, iPhone 14, or iPhone 15 Pro Max, is performed with precision and care.
We know it’s important to keep your device working well for a long time. Quick and professional service can stop small problems from becoming big ones. At Free Fusion, we are committed to providing high-quality iPhone repair services that meet Apple’s standards. When our experienced technicians take care of your repairs, you can trust that your iPhone will keep performing at its best.

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