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Today the smartphone is an essential device for our day to day life. Probably the most desirable types of mobile phones are Apple products. Unfortunately, even the newer versions like the iPhone 7 needs refurbishment sometimes – especially after an unexpected accident. If your beloved device has broken down you don’t have to buy a new one – just contact our office and order the iPhone 7 repair!

iPhone 7
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Professional iPhone 7 repairs near me

When your iPhone 7’s warranty has passed – you need to spend your own money for each repair and sometimes it can be very costly. Even with warranty a lot of repairs are not covered, such as impact damage. At Free Fusion we always try to offer reasonable prices to our customers because we wouldn’t like to ruin their budget. That is why, unlike most of our competitors, we provide a professional diagnosis of your mobile before any type of service. Thanks to that you will be able to decide if your iPhone 7 repairs are affordable for you. Our office is based in the central part of the UK – in Corby, Northamptonshire. You can visit us in our store every week day between 9am and 5pm. Dont worry if you live in another location – our offers are still available for you! Just contact our office via phone or email and order our Send-in-Service. We guarantee a professional service no matter the type of device fault. At Free Fusion you will find specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in their field.

Battery replacement in iPhone 7

The battery is one of the most important components of your smartphone but unfortunately after a long life and heavy usage its capacity decreases. This might cause a lot of problems to your iPhone 7 – the battery may need to be charged more often, even twice a day! In the worst case the battery may begin to swell which can push your screen up from the phones casing causing further damage to your phone. Another side effect that you may notice if your battery needs replaced is your device heating up. If you observe these symptoms you don’t have to buy a new model – a battery replacement should fix your problems. At Free Fusion we fix this iPhone 7 defect using only certified components to guarantee a longer life for your device. Feel free to visit our office in Corby and ask for a free diagnosis – our specialists will find out what is causing your issues and provide you with the best solution for repair. There are also several things you can do to extend the life of the new battery. Remember to charge the device before it gets entirely discharged. Also, turn off unnecessary applications and reduce the brightness of the screen.

iPhone 7 repair – liquid damage

Most smartphone users have at some point in their life dropped their device into some kind of liquid by accident. This situation is very dangerous to your mobile and requires immediate action to reduce the damage. Free Fusion is the best place if you need to repair your iPhone 7 after an accident like this! Before we start our job we do a full diagnosis of the device to check the level of damages. This will help us to estimate the time and cost of the repair. Many people don’t understand how serious the situation is – especially when it appears their smartphone is still working after a contact with liquid. But even a couple of drops inside can ruin a motherboard which may lead to it being broken for good. Before you contact our team remember to turn off the device immediately. Also, try to get rid of excess liquid. Please remember – charging the iPhone is the worst idea as this may lead to irreversible damage and cause electrical shortages if not dried completely! We will do our best to fix your problem as soon as possible, contact us now and order this service.

Smashed screen in iPhone 7

Probably one of the most common reasons for repairing iPhone 7 is because the screen is smashed. Unfortunately it is not uncommon . The glass covering the front of your smartphone is very fragile and after a crack appears on its surface only time will tell before expands and can even ruin the screen for good. At Free Fusion we are able to fix this problem within one day – just visit our team during opening hours. Our team of experts will remove the broken screen and replace it with a new one using sophisticated expert technology. We use only certified components in each iPhone 7 repair to make sure it will work reliably for a very long time.

Other repairs for iPhone 7

These are not the only services for the iPhone 7! We offer you a lot more and always at reasonable prices. Feel free to visit us whenever you need to replace or fix your device including repairs such as a microphone, speaker, earpiece, front camera, power button and a lot more – you will find more information on our website. Also, if your smartphone refused to cooperate and you don’t know the reason – contact us – we will find the reason and a solution for you via our expert diagnosis. Our service also provides repairs for other devices such as iPads and iPods.

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