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iPhone Screen Replacement OLED or LCD

When the screen in one of the new generation iPhones is broken, you start to think which screen would be better for you and what is the difference between the LCD and OLED.In fact, it’s not a very big difference between them. There are a couple of technical differences here; however, for an average user

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iPhone Battery Replacement Blog Freefusion

BATTERY: live or die!

When it comes to repairing your battery do you really know what your getting? Most companies online tell you that your getting something amazing, something brand new however we found it to not be true. Time and time again we find people getting used or refurbished batteries which are of terrible quality. This puts your

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Apple Watch Series 4 launch

Apple has unveiled a fourth generation of its Apple Watch, with a bigger screen and thinner body. “Everything about it has been redesigned and re-engineered,” Apple said. The new Apple Watch Series 4 features an edge-to-edge display, allowing the watch’s display to be over 30pc larger than previous watches. The watch is also thinner than previous versions.

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iPhone concept mirror two

Apple iPhone XS: expectations!

All Apple’s lovers cannot wait to see new babies from Cupertino! iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a cheaper phone that will be a follow up to the iPhone 8 and is likely to be called the iPhone Xc. This year’s lineup is an “S year” – a move that suggests the devices will

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus screen presentation

iPhone 8 v iPhone XS: What will the differences be?

Aple’s next iPhone launch will arrive to great fanfare today, when users will get to see the latest smartphones from the Californian technology giant for the first time. The firm is set to unveil three new iPhones at the launch event in San Francisco. The iPhones are expected to be a follow up to last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X models

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