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iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £24.99.

  • Certified, brand new battery covered by extended guarantee
  • Replacement offered with while-you-wait or 24 turnaround
iPhone 6s battery replacement
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement £49.99 Original price was: £49.99.£24.99Current price is: £24.99.
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Reasons to choose Free Fusion for repair 

  • No hidden cost
  • Over 1000 5-star reviews
  • Technicians with over 15 years of experience
  • All prices include VAT
  • Warranty up to 12 months
  • Data Protection by ICO.
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iPhone 6s Battery Replacement guarantees you:

  • A brand new (not refurbished or second hand) sealed iPhone 6s Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 6s Battery which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provides to make sure you receive the best quality service
  • 1 hour repair if you visit us in the store OR the same day repair and return for online customers
  • Peace of mind you are doing the right thing!

Still, have doubts?

  • We have been registered with the Information Commissioners Office since 2012!
Want to know how good we are?

A battery in an iPhone is something necessary and we have no choice but to accept that. Nothing lasts forever and our iPhone 6s power cell will stop functioning correctly with time and eventually, you will come to the situation, you’re your handset will get stuck on the cable for a whole day!

There is a solution for this- iPhone 6s battery replacement. Swift, efficient way, which lets your cell gets back on its feet just straight away after repair. Happily, you don’t have to be without your phone for weeks or days.

If you live locally, we can do an Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement in 1 hour only. If you want to use our online booking, we will be more than happy to do it for you on the same day and we will not ask you to pay more for an extra speed repair- it’s a standard at Free Fusion!

If you are tired of permanent charging of your handset and you don’t want to wait any longer with this, then that’s enough- start you’re beneficial change now by booking an order for an iPhone 6s battery replacement.
It will take only a day or an hour!


iPhone 6s battery replacement in the UK


iPhone 6s is still one of our favorites! The latest researches put forward that an iPhone 6s is one of the most favored models, even though there are loads of the newest Apple phones on the market. Loads of phone users are very reluctant to change their iPhones for newer models as they don’t need them and don’t want to spend too much, especially since the iPhone 6s makes them satisfied! A battery may be weak after a few years of exploitation, so to maintain your beloved type of mobile in the appropriate condition you need iPhone 6s battery replacement.

It’s worth knowing that an iPhone 6s cell is established on lithium-ion technology and it’s significantly bigger than the former, iPhone 6s model about 19%. It’s a lot! The life span of this battery is 1715 milliamp Hours, which permits an average user to stay away from the charging cable for without effort two or three days or even longer than 48 hours.

Further, if you play with your handset for a few hours daily, you should consider restoring the battery.
Furthermore, the most favorited apps and entertainment software pieces immediately suck the energy from the phone’s batteries so if you are a big lover of Fortnite or Crush Candy Saga, or just use your device as a Sat Nav, it’s very probable that you would need the battery replacement iPhone 6s sorted much earlier than other phone users!

iPhone 6s battery replacement UK is one of the most common phone mending on the UK market at this time because the life duration of the battery is almost consummated- it is not surprising- eventually, we drained them for long years! For all that you do not have to throw away your device, there is no need to do it!

First off you may like to give your mobile a new, extremely good and stretched out existence by simple iPhone 6s battery replacement- it’s the fastest and not expensive way to be the contented holder of iPhone 6s one more time.

Even if you do not want to use your iPhone 6s any longer, you wish to just hold it as an emergency phone because it’s adapted to operate on the current iOS, its CPU is well built and fast-moving enough to manage with all the latest apps for health, entertainment or business; if you would be in a trouble and must dispatch your latest handset for mending, you can quickly restore your data from the iCloud to your phone and immediately come back to your normal life activities.

Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement may also deliver loads of joy for your children! If you don’t want to spend too much funds on high-priced, new generations, you may make your kids happy with your “old” iPhone 6s as its fast processor and great memory let your youngsters play best-loved games or use YouTube to watch cartoons or videos with no end!

In these circumstances, if you decide to complete the iPhone 6s replacement battery at Free Fusion, first- we can guarantee you prompt, certified service by delivering entirely certified product.

It’s not end of fantastic news! Another one is that if you would decide for an iPhone 6s battery replacement in-store, it will steal only 1 hour of your time!

In conclusion, if you are too tied up to visit us or you are too far from us, you can just make use of our online service- then it will be repaired and dispatched back to you just straight away!


iPhone 6s battery replacement cost


Beginning with a question: what is more beneficial – an iPhone battery replacement or a new phone – you should have a knowledge of that the value of iPhone 6s battery replacement is just a decimal value of the new device, which normally may cost you almost a thousand pounds if it’s brand new, not to mention about a nuisance with search of extra deals for best price device etc.

There is no need to spend this horrendous expense for a brand new handset, especially if your iPhone 6s is all good, it just needs a new storage cell. Our ideal example is: if the tires in your vehicle are just used and ow, you don’t have to buy a new machine, you may just change them for brand new ones! Truth be told, exactly the same is with your cell – do not buy new one, just replace old, worn battery for brand new one and make your world uncomplicated like before!

Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement is very common repair because it’s pretty not expensive. Basically everyone, who uses iPhone may pay for it, without bigger loss for the wallet.

In fact, when we try to find a cheap iPhone 6s battery replacement, we need to be very attentive, because it may be dodgy trap. Some services or shops offer-more or less- very low parts. We need to be aware of fact, that they are very often a second hand and detached from knackered handsets or previously affected by a liquid damage, which make them potentially harmful for a user, because they may explode or leak acid fluids.
Therefore, it’s pointless to put on risk own life or health by saving a few pounds on the iPhone 6s battery replacement price.

In reality, at Free Fusion we don’t supply batteries from second hand devices. All our batteries are certified and covered by appropriate, recorded warranty. We are very certain with them, because they are completely brand new and comply with the current legal requirements.

At Free Fusion you can always discover the best iPhone 6s battery replacement repairs. We do not offer a false iPhone 6s replacement battery for loose change.
We supply the great quality product at reasonable cost for everyone.

We are aware of simply fact that all of us want to economize some money, but if you would ask us how much iPhone 6s battery replacement, we would say it’s still less than new or even used mobile. We are positive that the battery replacement iPhone 6s which we provide will not let you down. And we have assurance that the iPhone 6s battery replacement cost includes not only a power cell only, but also great quality, unbelievable time of repair, five star customer service, written and recorded guarantee, the same lengthy like from Apple Store and eventually after-sale service.

Whatever would happen to your handset, we will not let you down, in view of the fact that before we install the battery in your handset, first of all we will confirm that your handset really needs that. If not, if the power problem is linked to the central power unit or to different not-repairable failure, we will inform you and will not charge you for our job to protect your money.

Here, at Free Fusion you can find only dependable, real team who not only run a phone shop, but have a mission. In case you still have a questions, please check our reviews- they will reveal you everything you want to know!


iPhone 6s battery replacement near me


If without warning your phone dies due to lack of power, it’s very you will ask your family or friends who can help just right away, or, if you can’t then you go to Google and type “iPhone 6s battery replacement near me cost” and then check all local shops and their offers and prices. In fact, it’s not always possible to get iPhone 6s battery replacement just promptly and it’s a lot of reasons why: you may not be able to find someone who might support you on-the-spot, or, you are in doubt are they real technicians or amateurs. In addition, you may be also too doubtful to bring your mobile to someone who has bad reputation.

Fortunately, we can help with this trouble. At Free Fusion, one of the most common mends is Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement.
Usually, we don’t treat it as a mend, it’s more like a maintenance service, as in fact, nothing is damaged here, it’s just used and exhausted part which have to be replaced at least once a year or even earlier, if you use your phone for a whole day.

Consequently, at Free Fusion we don’t provide second hand or renewed battery replacement iPhone 6s- it’s not us. Our mission constantly lead us to deliver the best parts as only possible, that’s why we offer only a power cells, which are fully checked and certified. It gives us certainty that no matter what would happen, we can be sure that the problem is not connected to a part which has been installed within a repair.

Accordingly, because of above, we always deliver prolonged guarantee for iPhone 6s replacement battery and we don’t worry that our clients might make a complaint about that, as we are certain they won’t do this, just because excellent quality of the labour and product make our clients glad.

At Free Fusion, iPhone 6s battery replacement warranty is long enough to cover all unexpected, hidden faults; nonetheless, we don’t foresee them, because they are extremely unusual and they are connected rather to the central power unit than the battery.

Nowadays, when we live in times of modern technologies and pervasive internet, we can just say that the world is a village where you can meet and say hello even to guys who are a many thousands miles away from you.

We don’t encourage you to pass your phone to someone you do not know, therefore we, with all clear conscience, can assure you that at Free Fusion we are decent guys who will take care of you and your mobile.

Usually, when interested people are wondering who we are, we send them to Google, our Facebook page or Trustpilot and recommend them just read our reviews, because they are left by real, genuine individuals who brought their phones or tablets to our shop or just dispatched them via online booking to our shop.

After plenty of years of our activity at Free Fusion, we have huge number of clients- consumers and business ones who are coming back to us, year after year. It means a lot for our team!

Our clients come back to us, because that they always obtain the professional service and first class customer care.
Very often we know them personally, we recall their stories and we keep in mind their names and faces or their families.
We are very proud feel proud of this, because our clients know, that they are not only numbers in our online booking system, they are real people for us.

For this reason-but not only we would like to give you a boost to believe in us and instead of give your iPhone to someone, who is not experienced with Apple stuff to do your battery replacement; just ship your mobile to Free Fusion technicians who will take charge of your phone from the beginning to the end.

iPhone 6s battery replacement service is our everyday job. If we talk about the power issues with our customers, we hear pretty often that loosing of power due to age of the mobile is not only trouble.

Many of our clients are hunting for iPhone 6s battery replacement out of warranty, because they are aware that Apple won’t help them under guarantee terms or they charge them badly.

We aware of these difficulties and we always offer iPhone 6s battery replacement same day or iPhone 6s battery replacement while you wait, which make our clients really happy as no-one prefer to be without mobile for a long days!

iPhone 6s battery replacement time is crucial for our clients and, unlikely our competitors, we wouldn’t dare ask you about more money for while you wait mends.
At Free Fusion, same day repairs are totally at no cost!


Is it worth replacing iPhone 6S battery?


Definitely! iPhone 6s is a long-distance runner and like all Apple devices, it can work absolutely fine if you will provide the power source, which is the battery!

The cheap iPhone 6s battery replacement is very popular, our customers who love the 6s model are very reluctant to spend money for newer models, which won’t bring them big changes in their lives.

As long as they can do whatever they like on iPhone 6s, they are happy to keep the phone. Of course, iPhone 6s battery repair is necessary after a couple of years of use because the old one is just worn and flat. If you are happy with your iPhone 6s, there is no need to spend a fortune for a new model, just replace the battery in your iPhone 6s to come back to the good, old days when you charged your iPhone once every few days!

Can I replace iPhone 6S battery myself?


Sure, you can tray, however, it’s very risky for the phone as for a whole unit. You can find some video tutorials where people show how to do it, it always looks easy, but in fact is not.

The main reason for this is high risk of short circuits caused by using of not appropriate tools and lack of knowledge and experience. From time to time we receive iPhones after unsuccessful, amateur attempts at battery replacement. They come to us in pieces, because during opening people just damage the internal parts and flex cables, they lose the unique Apple screws as they are very tiny. Well, we do think that the best you can do is leaving this job to Free Fusion engineers!

Another problem you can meet when you try to replace the battery by yourself is the dodgy quality of the battery. An average person is not able to recognize what they have- did they purchase the fake battery, or maybe the battery they bought is refurbished or after the liquid damage? You can find tons of the batteries on the market, most of them are sold as genuine or original which is a pure marketing trick.

Very often batteries you can find and purchase cheaply are just second hand, used and refreshed products, which means you buy someone else’s worn battery which is presented to you as a new one.
This is the next reason why we do recommend leaving the battery replacement to the professionals from Free Fusion.

We didn’t mention the new generation of batteries which must be programmed. In reality it means that the software which guarantees the excellent compatibility with a device, must be transferred from the old battery to the new one. To complete this step you would need professional, technically advanced equipment , not to mention experience and knowledge.

We know that amateur repair at home excludes having and using professional tools and equipment, hence we advise you to just bring your phone for iPhone battery replacement which also includes all additional tests.

We can guarantee you that during the iPhone 6s battery replacement your phone will be treated with the highest care and the battery you will get from is brand new and fully certified and will last at least 500 cycles, which is about 2 years of normal work of the iPhone. Our iPhone 6s battery replacement is covered by written guarantee, so you can be sure that you will get the proper quality product!

Also, before and after work the device will be tested to make sure there are no other problems related to the charging. The battery is a part of the charging system in the device and it’s in close relation to the charging socket, the power button and the power chip on the motherboard.

During iPhone 6s battery repair we will check all mentioned parts to make sure that your phone will be fine after repair and you won’t experience more problems related to the charging.

Finally, after completing the iPhone 6s battery repair, we check the settings to make sure that the battery provides the maximum capacity and show us 100%.
This sight makes us happy and then we are ready to return the device to the owner!


How do I know if my iPhone needs a new battery?


Usually we know that the battery is weak. It’s a long, progressive process while the battery becomes weaker and weaker. It’s very easy to notice that because in real it means that you need to charge your iPhone more often. Some people need to charge their phones a couple of times per day! This is absolutely not acceptable! We can easily sort it out by the iPhone battery replacement. It’s fast, the same day repair and it brings immediate effect and relief for users.

The most common symptom of the dying battery is jumping percentage. When the device is charged, let’s say to 80% and after an hour or two of work suddenly drops to, for example, 20 percent, it’s a sure sign that the phone cries for help and just a new battery!
The iPhone battery replacement is a fast and efficient way of sorting charging problems out. After this you will feel freedom again!


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