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iPhone 5c Screen Repair

Original price was: £34.99.Current price is: £29.99.

  • Brand new, certified part covered by extended guarantee
  • Repair available with while-you wait or 24 h turnaround
iPhone 5c Screen Replacement Or Repair Freefusion Kettering London
iPhone 5c Screen Repair £34.99 Original price was: £34.99.£29.99Current price is: £29.99.
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Reasons to choose Free Fusion for repair 

  • No hidden cost
  • Over 1000 5-star reviews
  • Technicians with over 15 years of experience
  • All prices include VAT
  • Warranty up to 12 months
  • Data Protection by ICO.
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iPhone 5c Screen Repair guarantees you:

  • A brand new, sealed iPhone 5c screen repair (not refurbished or second hand)
  • iPhone 5c Screen which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provide
  • 1 hour repair if you visit us in the store OR the same day repair and return for online customers
  • Peace of mind you are doing right thing

Still have doubts?

  • We have been registered with the Information’s Commissioners Office since 2012!
  • Please check our gallery with genuine pictures taken in our workshop!
Want to know how good we are?

Presumably, the most brittle piece of the iPhone 5c is its screen. Crash impair is the major reason that our customers call us. The fact is, that even us you are very careful with your iPhone 5c calamity can arise. It can with ease slip out from your palm, or drop into puddle!

As all of us know, screen repair of iPhone 5c is the most frequent mend – the glass is sensitive and as a result it’s easy to scrape or damage it Cracked screen may occasion not only appearance issues but also could affect the LCD display. If your mobile has landed on the floor from the height and you found some damage signs – keep your chin up! – that’s not a tragedy as it can be repaired the same day at Free Fusion!

Visit our store or place your order online to fix your iPhone 5c’s screen at great competitive prices.


Screen repair for iPhone 5c near me

Most people, when looking for iPhone 5c screen UK repair will look for the nearest service centre to place where they live, but this is not always the optimal the cheapest choice.

Free Fusion present service to each one in the UK and guarantee a fully professional service for all repairs! Our company is located in Corby (Northamptonshire), but you may request the iPhone 5c screen replacement, no important where you are based!

Just make use our Send-in-Service and after we receive your handset we will start the mending promptly. First of all we will investigate the fault concerning to learn how deep the failure is – this stage of our work is for free. What’s more, it will help us estimate the iPhone 5c screen replacement price for you. Usually only the front glass of the display is broken – however, every now and then the damage also applies to LCD screen.

It’s nice to see that Free Fusion phone repair centre has been providing professional repairs for iPhone owners since 2012. Through years of operation we have gained the experience, expertise and trust of our service users.

Our huge knowledge and experience with screen replacement for the iPhone 5c has made our tech guys experts in screen replacement and we can promise that your mobile will be in good hands.

We welcome your visit in our Corby, Northamptonshire shop every day between 9am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we serve fast repairs while-you-wait to 2pm. More over we offer a booking system via our website for online clients. People from all around the UK are very welcome to try out our repairs.

At Free Fusion we always provide a reasonable price for iPhone 5c screen repair with great service times.


Does my Apple iPhone 5c’s screen need a full replacement?

After the impact damage the top ply of the screen in your device may become damaged. Every now and then our customers require to remove and replace the glass covering only because the LCD is workable. We are conscious that some phone shops provide only glass fix, which possibly will be cheaper option for a customer.

Nevertheless, this kind of fixing is very high-risky and definitely not efficient, generally it induce a lot of complications related to the digitizer or LCD, which means in real that your phone may not answer to pressure any more, might not display an background, you may see all possible issues of LCD- lack of brightness, inappropriate colour- too dark, too bright, the LCD may leak, display a white dots or other forms of decolorization.

You may feel tempted by lower price, but you need to consider that the low price reflects the low quality of the repair. iPhone 5c, like all Apple devices is splendid and using poor copies of the modules to restore it may result in a significant worries not only with the screen, but also with the phone as a whole unit.

All of us heard that large percentage of service centres use not certified components which can provoke early damage and poor grade – you, on the other hand, do not have to lose sleep about that if you decide to entrust your device to us!

For the time of the iPhone 5c full-screen repair at Free Fusion, we will disconnect your devastated display and take out it with the upmost care. We will then fit the display unit with a fully tested and certified iPhone 5c screen to make you satisfied!

At Free Fusion we do not compromise on quality. In before we replace a display unit in your iPhone, we never forget test it before we start to make sure that you will receive your handset back in great state, that’s why we are confident and provide you the same length of warranty like Apple Store offers.


How we apply a replacement of iPhone 5c screen

Apple iPhone 5c screen replacement is a standard job for us. Our talented engineers can to restore any screen failure with ease! Our team of well trained engineers make sure that you get certified glass and LCD at the best grade; this distinguishes us from the other repair centers who commonly use uncertified and not checked displays.

As we in reality do care about the highest standards, we install in our customers’ phones and tablets only appropriately sealed assemblies which integrate the both layers of the screen. By using this technique we let our clients have the Apple value in their devices and make use of their iPhones day by day.

We are conscious that all Apple devices are expensive and we permanently preserve the iPhone 5c screen replacement price reasonable for all iPhone users. It inspire our clients to mend their adored phones instead of spend a lots of money for new phone. Thereby we keep safe not only our clients’ funds, but preserve the climate against electronic refuse.

Screen replacement for iPhone 5c is not the only repair we supply at Free Fusion. Our group of professionals could help you with any defect not only of the iPhone 5c but lots of other models of Apple iPhones and iPads as well.

We have extensive experience in saving water damaged mobiles, replacing weak batteries and rest composes of the iPhone for example speakers, microphones, cameras, buttons and so on.

Apart from iPhones we mend iPods, iPads and lots of other brands other than Apple like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia etc.

Our shop is open for public every working day between 9am and 5:30pm. You can come visit us in Corby (Northamptonshire) or make contact with our team by email or phone. We will do everything we can find a solution to your issue as fast as possible – largest part of ordinary repairs can be done in 1 day. Email us or just call us to figure out more particulars about our offer!

At Free Fusion we provide a wide selection of repairs for the iPhone 5c – not just front panel repairs. We spur you to make us of our assistance if you have noted any irregularities in the working of buttons, microphones, speakers, cameras or earpieces. Also, we are prepared to help you if your device has been liquid or water damaged. To learn more about the offer – check our website. Also feel comfortable to reach us by email or phone if you have any different inquiries about our phone repair centre and availability.


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