iPhone 15 Screen Repair


  • LCD or OLED
  • Original Refurbished Screen
  • If you would like to learn more about which screen to choose for your iPhone 15, please visit our blog.
iPhone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 Screen Repair £169.99£399.99
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Reasons to choose Free Fusion for repair 

  • No hidden cost
  • Over 1000 5-star reviews
  • Technicians with over 15 years of experience
  • All prices include VAT
  • Warranty up to 12 months
  • Data Protection by ICO.
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iPhone 15 Screen Repair guarantees you:

  •  iPhone 15 OLED screen repair (replacement) or iPhone 15 LCD screen repair (replacement)
  • In case of a damaged or smashed back glass in your iPhone 15, you may add iPhone 15 back glass replacement. With a new screen and back, your iPhone will look brand new again!
  • Professional service of iPhone 15 screen repair (replacement) performed by our skilled technicians
  • iPhone 15 screen replacements which comply with EC and CEE directives to make sure you receive the best possible part and labour
  • The length of the guarantee is the same as Apple’s
  • The friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns to ensure your satisfaction with your repair.
  • Peace of mind: you are doing the right thing when ordering an iPhone 15 screen replacement
  • 24h turnaround

Reasons to choose Free Fusion for iPhone 15 Screen Repair

  • Honest advice and no obligation quote is given in case of further or additional repair is needed related to the iPhone 15 screen repair
  • No hidden cost or unexpected expenses while you order the iPhone 15 screen replacement
  • Great, personally dedicated customer service in store and online which is always ready to advise you and help with all your needs!
  • All repairs are available in the Corby, Old Village store or via the website for online bookings.
  • GDPR is respected to make sure the data in your device is safe and confidential
  • All prices include VAT to make happy our business customers. The detailed VAT invoice may be provided on a customer request via email or in the store
  • The price for iPhone 15 screen repair is a total cost and includes the part, our labour and VAT
  • You can pay for iPhone 15 screen repair by cash, by card, or just Paypal for your convenience and safety.
  • As the first company in this industry, we have been registered with the information Office since 2012 when Free Fusion Ltd was established
  • You can select the type of delivery for online bookings or change the delivery address for your convenience
  • All parcels dispatched to our customers are sent via recorded or recorded and tracked delivery to make sure you receive it directly to your hands!
  • The tracking number of the dispatched parcels may be emailed at the customer’s request
  • We use an advanced mailing system to let you know about the progress of your repair and to keep you updated with all important info regarding your iPhone 15 screen replacement
  • All repairs are completed by highly qualified engineers who specialize in Apple products repairs for over 15 years
  • All repairs are recorded and come with written guarantee to protect your repair and show your rights
  • Please check our gallery with genuine pictures taken in our workshop!
  • Total transparency of the whole process of the repair
Want to know how good we are?


Discover the premier solution for iPhone 15 screen repair at our service centre, where cutting-edge technology meets expert craftsmanship. Our team specialises in restoring your device to its pristine condition, ensuring a seamless and efficient repair process. With a focus on using only the highest quality parts, we guarantee the longevity and performance of your iPhone, making it as good as new. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our swift turnaround times and customer satisfaction. Trust us to bring your iPhone 15 back to life with unmatched professionalism and attention to detail.

iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair
iphone 15 screen repair

iPhone 15 screen repair

iPhone 15 Screen Repair guarantees you :

Embark on revitalising your iPhone 15 screen repair with our distinguished service, where quality meets versatility. We proudly offer three distinct types of screen replacements to cater to your preferences and needs: the vibrant LCD, the stunning OLED, and the original refurbished screens. Each option is meticulously selected to ensure your iPhone 15 returns to its optimal functionality and aligns with your quality expectations.

Our commitment to excellence in iPhone 15 screen replacement is reflected in our adherence to EC and CEE directives, guaranteeing that every screen replacement is of the highest standard. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our services come with a warranty comparable to the Apple Store, ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in the repair.

For those looking to rejuvenate their device fully, consider combining the screen repair with an iPhone 15 back glass replacement. This comprehensive approach transforms your iPhone, making it look and feel brand new. Benefit from our express turnaround service, which is offered at no additional cost and designed to minimise downtime and get your device back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Our customer service team, renowned for its approachability and expertise, is always ready to assist, ensuring a seamless repair process. Whether you prefer the affordability of LCD, the enhanced visuals of OLED, or the authenticity of an original refurbished screen, our knowledgeable engineers are here to offer professional advice, guiding you to the best choice for your iPhone 15 screen repair.

Can a damaged iPhone 15 screen be fixed or replaced?

A damaged iPhone 15 screen can be fixed and replaced efficiently. Our service centre specializes in iPhone 15 screen replacement, ensuring your device returns to its pristine condition with either an LCD, OLED or an original refurbished screen, based on your preference. We pride ourselves on quick, reliable repairs that align with Apple’s standards, guaranteeing your iPhone retains its functionality and warranty

Is it worth it to fix my iPhone 15 screen?

Fixing your iPhone 15 screen is undoubtedly worth it, especially when considering the enhanced performance and longevity it brings to your device. Our service ensures that your iPhone 15 gets a new lease on life with a top-quality screen replacement and maintains its original functionality and aesthetics. Repairing your iPhone 15 screen with us is an investment in your device’s future, guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind.

iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair
iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your iPhone 15 Screen?

The cost of replacing your iPhone 15 screen varies depending on the type of screen you choose, with options ranging from standard LCDs to premium OLED displays. Our service centre offers competitive pricing that ensures you get the best value for your repair without compromising on quality. Each iPhone 15 screen replacement is backed by a warranty, giving you peace of mind about the durability of your device’s new screen. For detailed pricing and to explore your options, visit our website or contact our customer service team.

How to fix a cracked iPhone 15 screen?

Fixing a cracked iPhone 15 screen requires expertise and precision. Our service centre offers a range of solutions, from LCD to OLED, and original refurbished screens tailored to your needs and budget. Our skilled technicians ensure a swift and efficient repair process, getting your device back to you as quickly as possible. For detailed information on repair options and to receive a personalised quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take to repair or replace an iPhone 15 screen?

Our service centre’s iPhone 15 screen replacement service is designed for efficiency and speed. Depending on the type of screen selected—whether it’s LCD, OLED, or an original refurbished screen—the process can take as little as one hour for direct replacements. For models requiring comprehensive frame and back glass work, the repair might extend up to 2-3 hours. We aim to ensure your iPhone 15 is back in your hands as quickly as possible without compromising quality. Contact us for a precise timeline based on your specific repair needs.

iPhone 15 screen repair in London and across the UK

Our service offers unparalleled expertise and convenience for those seeking iPhone 15 screen repair in London and throughout the UK. Understanding the importance of your device in your daily life, we ensure a swift and efficient repair process, minimising downtime. Our nationwide coverage means no matter where you are, access to top-tier iPhone 15 screen repair services is just a call or click away. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality parts, ensuring your iPhone returns to you in prime condition. Trust us to bring your iPhone 15 back to its original glory, with a focus on speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair
iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair

Screen repair for iPhone 15 near me

When your iPhone 15 encounters an unfortunate screen mishap, the rush to locate a reliable repair service is paramount. Typing Screen repair for iPhone 15 near me or “iPhone 15 screen replacement near me” into a search engine is a common reflex, but proximity doesn’t guarantee quality. Free Fusion stands out for its unwavering commitment to excellence and skill, which are accessible no matter where you are. Our focus on iPhone 15 screen repair near me is unmatched, ensuring your device receives the best care.
Choosing Free Fusion for your iPhone 15 screen replacement means combining expertise, quality parts, and a customer-centric service ethos. Our convenient online booking system extends our reach across the UK, making us your best bet when you think of “iPhone 15 screen repair near me.” Trust Free Fusion to provide exceptional care for your iPhone 15, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Does my Apple iPhone 15’s screen need a full replacement?

For the Apple iPhone 15, renowned for its advanced technology and stunning display, the question of whether a full-screen replacement is necessary can arise, especially after incidents of damage. Over time, accidents, pressure, or wear can impair the screen’s integrity. Minor scratches may not seem critical but can lead to more severe problems, considering the iPhone 15’s screen combines the glass and the sophisticated LCD or OLED layers beneath. Visible damage or functionality issues such as unresponsive touch, colour distortion, or screen blackout are tell tale signs that a screen replacement might be needed.

At Free Fusion, we advocate for a thorough iPhone 15 screen repair approach, focusing on solving the root cause rather than applying a quick fix. This ensures your iPhone 15 returns to its optimal functioning state, providing the high-quality user experience you expect. To determine the need for an iPhone 15 complete screen replacement, watch for ongoing issues with display clarity, touch responsiveness, or any abnormal screen behaviour that persists after basic troubleshooting. Opting for Free Fusion for your iPhone 15 screen replacement means choosing excellence and precision, with our experts specialising in the iPhone 15’s complex display system.

iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair
iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair

How we apply a replacement of the iPhone 15 screen

When your iPhone 15 encounters screen damage, it’s not the end of the world. At Free Fusion, we excel in iPhone 15 screen repair, ensuring your device is restored to its original glory. Our process starts with a detailed evaluation to understand the extent of damage, followed by the use of high-quality components for replacement. This guarantees your iPhone 15 will function as it did when new, with a vibrant display and responsive touch. Our technicians work swiftly to minimise downtime, ensuring you’re quickly reconnected. Choose Free Fusion for a seamless iPhone 15 screen repair experience, where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Top reasons to choose Free Fusion for your iPhone 15 screen repair

Choose Free Fusion for your iPhone 15 screen repair and experience unmatched quality with the highest standard parts. Our expert technicians, boasting years of iPhone repair experience since 2012, guarantee your device will be as good as new. Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable warranty, matching the Apple Store’s confidence. Stay informed through our online repair tracking system, ensuring transparency from start to finish. No matter where you are in the UK, our services in Corby, Northamptonshire, are accessible to all, offering both walk-ins and online bookings. Contact us today, and let us bring your iPhone 15 back to its perfect condition.

Which iPhone 15 models we repair?

iPhone 15 Screen Repair

Opt for our iPhone 15 screen repair service to ensure your device retains its sleek look and optimal performance. We use only certified components, guaranteeing a repair that restores your iPhone’s functionality and aesthetics. Quick, efficient, and backed by a solid warranty, our service returns your device to perfect condition in no time.

iPhone 15 Plus Screen Repair

Our iPhone 15 Plus screen repair service is designed to swiftly address and fix any screen damage, using high-quality parts that ensure longevity. By choosing us, you’re opting for a hassle-free repair process with a warranty that underscores our commitment to quality. We’re dedicated to delivering a fast turnaround, minimizing your device’s downtime.

iPhone 15 Pro Screen Repair

Experience expert iPhone 15 Pro screen repair services that blend superior craftsmanship with the latest repair technologies. Specialised in dealing with high-end devices, we guarantee your iPhone 15 Pro will return to you looking as good as new. Our transparent repair process, coupled with a comprehensive warranty, means you’ll be kept in the loop and assured of our quality work.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Repair

For iPhone 15 Pro Max screen repair, trust our skilled technicians to rejuvenate your device with precision and care. We ensure each repair enhances your iPhone’s performance and display quality by utilising top-tier parts. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our efficient service, robust warranty, and the unbeatable clarity of your repaired screen.

iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair
iphone 15 screen repair
iPhone 15 screen repair

Want to know how good we are?

Curious about our expertise? Our iPhone 15 screen repair services stand as a testament to our excellence. With a team of highly skilled technicians, we deliver precise, efficient repairs that breathe new life into your device. We use only the highest-quality, certified components, ensuring your iPhone 15’s screen is as vibrant and responsive as when you first unboxed it. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our swift turnaround times and comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind. Experience the difference with us and see why our customers trust us for all their iPhone 15 screen replacement needs.

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