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iPhone 11 Screen Repair

Original price was: £84.98.Current price is: £54.99.

  • Brand new, certified part covered by extended guarantee
  • Repair available with while-you wait or 24 h turnaround
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iphone 11 screen replacement northampton uk
iPhone 11 Screen Repair £84.98 Original price was: £84.98.£54.99Current price is: £54.99.
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Reasons to choose Free Fusion for repair 

  • No hidden cost
  • Over 1000 5-star reviews
  • Technicians with over 15 years of experience
  • All prices include VAT
  • Warranty up to 12 months
  • Data Protection by ICO.
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iPhone 11 Screen Repair guarantees you:


  • Professional service of iPhone 11 screen repair. The part offered is absolutely brand new, NOT second hand or refurbished.
  • iPhone 11 screen replacement complies with EC and CEE directives to make sure you receive the best possible part and labour
  • The length of the guarantee the same like Apple Store provides
  • Peace of mind you are doing right thing when order iPhone 11 screen replacement
  • Amazing free of charge express turnaround when you order and pay for this service
  • In case of a damaged or smashed back glass in your iPhone 11, you may add iPhone 11 back glass replacement. With the new screen and rear housing, your iPhone will look like a brand-new one from the box!
  • While-you-wait repair for local customers and the-same-repair for online customers
  • The excellent, very friendly customer service team which is happy to help and advice at any time to make sure you are completely satisfied with your repair
  • iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD depends on a model. You can choose whatever you like!
  • Fully professional and free advice from knowledgeable engineers.

Reasons to choose Free Fusion for iPhone 11 screen repair


  • All prices include VAT to make happy our business customers. The detailed vat invoice may be provided on a customer request via email or in the store
  • The price for iPhone 11 screen repair is a total costs and includes the part, our labour and Vat
  • No hidden cost or unexpected expenses while you order the iPhone 11 screen replacement
  • You can pay for iPhone 11 screen repair by cash, by card or just Paypal for your convenience and safety.
  • You can select type of delivery for online bookings or change the delivery address for your convenience
  • All parcels dispatched to our customers are sending via recorded or recorded and tracked delivery to make sure you receive it directly to your hands!
  • As a first company in this industry, we have been registered with the information’s Commissioner Office since 2012 when Free Fusion Ltd has been established
  • The tracking number of the dispatched parcels may be emailed on customer request
  • We use an advanced mailing system to let you know about progress of your repair and to keep you updated with all important info regards to your iPhone 11 screen replacement
  • All repairs are completed by highly qualified engineers who specialize in Apple products repairs for over 15 years
  • Great, personally dedicated customer service in store and online which is always ready to advise you and help with all your needs!
  • Honest advice and no obligation quote is given in case of further or additional repair needed related to the iPhone 11 screen repair
  • All repairs are recorded and comes with written guarantee to protect your repair and shows your rights
  • Please check our gallery with genuine pictures taken in our workshop!
  • Total transparency of the whole process of the repair
  • GDPR regulations are respected to make sure your data in your device is safe and confidential
  • All repairs are available in the store in Corby, Old Village or via website for online bookings.
Want to know how good we are?


In smartphones, the iPhone 11 stands out with its impeccable design and performance. However, like any device, it’s not immune to accidents. A damaged screen can significantly hamper your iPhone 11 experience. If you need a trusted iPhone 11 screen repair, Free Fusion is your go-to destination. Our blend of expertise and certified parts ensures your iPhone 11 is restored to its pristine condition.
Don’t let a cracked screen diminish your device’s brilliance; choose Free Fusion for unparalleled iPhone 11 screen repair services.

Screen repair for iPhone 11 near me

When the unexpected happens, and your iPhone 11 screen suffers damage, the urgency to find a trustworthy repair service becomes immediate. Many instinctively type “Screen repair for iPhone 11 near me” into their search bars. However, being close doesn’t always equate to top-tier service. At Free Fusion, our reputation is built on consistent quality and expertise, regardless of your location. Our dedication to iPhone 11 screen repair is unparalleled.

Each device entrusted to us undergoes a detailed assessment by our certified technicians. With their extensive experience, they can handle anything from minor scratches to major display malfunctions.
The term “iPhone 11 screen replacement” might seem intimidating to some, but for us, it’s a routine we’ve mastered. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the outer glass and the underlying LCD are harmoniously restored.
We prioritize using the best components available, ensuring that every iPhone 11 screen repair revives the device’s look and performance. The intricacies of the iPhone 11’s display are well-understood by our team, making us a preferred choice for many.

So, why should Free Fusion be your go-to for iPhone 11 screen replacement? Our combination of expertise, top-quality components, and a customer-first approach. We ensure precision in every repair, returning your device to its prime.
Our user-friendly online booking system allows customers from all over the UK to avail of our services. So, the next time “iPhone 11 screen repair near me” crosses your mind, remember that Free Fusion isn’t just close; we’re the industry’s best. Give your device the care it deserves and witness the excellence of Free Fusion.

Does my Apple iPhone 11’s screen need a full replacement?

The iPhone 11, with its sleek design and vibrant display, is a testament to modern technology. However, like all devices, it’s susceptible to wear and tear. One of the most common dilemmas users face is determining whether their iPhone 11 screen requires a full replacement. If you’ve found yourself pondering this, you’re not alone.
Accidental drops, pressure, or even the passage of time can lead to visible damage on the screen. While minor scratches might seem harmless, they can escalate into more significant issues. The iPhone 11’s display isn’t just about the outer layer; it’s an intricate blend of the glass and the underlying LCD or OLED layer. Damage to either can compromise the device’s functionality.

Users might often notice issues like unresponsive touch, distorted colours, or a complete blackout. These are clear indicators that your device might benefit from an iPhone 11 screen replacement. While some might suggest patch-up jobs or superficial fixes, it’s essential to understand that these are temporary solutions at best.
At Free Fusion, our approach to iPhone 11 screen repair is comprehensive. We believe in addressing the root of the problem rather than just its symptoms. This ensures that post-repair, your iPhone 11 functions seamlessly, offering the premium experience you’ve come to expect.

But how do you determine if your iPhone 11 screen needs a full replacement? Look for persistent issues in display clarity, touch sensitivity, or unusual screen behaviours. If these problems persist despite basic troubleshooting, it’s a clear sign that professional intervention is required.
Choosing Free Fusion for your iPhone 11 screen replacement ensures that you opt for quality and expertise. Our technicians are trained to handle the intricacies of the iPhone 11’s display, ensuring a seamless repair process.

In conclusion, while the iPhone 11 is robust, its screen can face challenges. If you’re in doubt about the state of your screen, it’s always best to consult experts. Remember, a timely iPhone 11 screen repair can save you from more significant issues.

How we apply a replacement of iPhone 11 screen

The iPhone 11, renowned for its stellar performance and display, is a device many cherish. However, accidents happen, and screens can get damaged. When faced with such a situation, understanding the iPhone 11 screen replacement process can provide peace of mind. At Free Fusion, we’ve streamlined our approach to ensure efficiency and quality in every iPhone 11 screen repair.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment. Before diving into the repair, our technicians evaluate the extent of the damage. This step is crucial as it helps us determine the best action for the iPhone 11 screen replacement. Every device is unique, and so is the nature of its damage.
Once we’ve gauged the damage, we proceed with the utmost precision. The damaged screen is carefully detached, ensuring no residual parts remain. This meticulous removal ensures that the device’s other components remain unharmed, preserving the iPhone’s integrity.

Following the removal, the next step in the iPhone 11 screen repair is installing the new screen. We use top-quality components that align perfectly with the iPhone 11’s specifications. This ensures that the iPhone 11 replacement screen functions seamlessly, offering the vibrant display and responsive touch that iPhone 11 users adore.
Post-installation, our technicians conduct a series of tests. These checks are designed to ensure that the iPhone 11 screen replacement has been successful and that the device functions as expected. From touch sensitivity to display clarity, every aspect is scrutinized.

At Free Fusion, we believe that an iPhone 11 screen repair should not just be about fixing the present issue but also preventing future ones. Hence, our comprehensive approach ensures that once your device leaves our facility, it’s in its optimal state.
In conclusion, the iPhone 11 screen replacement process at Free Fusion is a blend of expertise, precision, and commitment to quality. When you entrust us with your device, you’re choosing excellence.

Key Benefits of Choosing Free Fusion:

  1. Uncompromised Quality: Our iPhone 11 screen repair services use only the best parts, ensuring your device’s premium feel remains intact.
  2. Experience Matters: Since 2012, our technicians have mastered the art of iPhone 11 screen replacement, ensuring top-tier results every time.
  3. Trustworthy Warranty: Our confidence in our services is reflected in our robust warranty, rivalling the Apple Store’s.
  4. Stay Updated: Our online repair tracking system keeps you informed about your iPhone 11 screen repair status.
  5. Nationwide Reach: Located in Corby, Northamptonshire, we cater to both walk-ins and online bookings. Our UK-wide services ensure everyone can access our expertise.


How do you fix a cracked iPhone 11 screen?

Well, it’s quite complicated and the professional iPhone 11 screen repair needs to be done in a proper way with proper tools. However, not the tools or sophisticated equipment is the most important.
The most important is experience and knowledge of our engineers.

For example, amateurs do not know that during opening of the device for iPhone 11 screen replacement, it is very easy to damage the earpiece flex cable which is also responsible for Face ID. One false move and face ID is damaged irreversibly. Unfortunately, it cannot be repaired as it’s unique and it’s projected for only one device. Your device. No other face ID part would solve it. We are sorry about this.

Here, at Free Fusion, our engineers know how to remove the old, cracked iPhone 11 screen without damaging other, internal parts. Furthermore, our engineers use double sided tapes to fit the new, iPhone 11 screen. During the fitting, they remove all tapes to make sure that the iPhone 11 screen will sit in the body of the phone properly. Amateurs do not do it, very often they do not remove all tapes and any screen replaced and fitted this way will crack very quickly.

To replace the cracked iPhone 11 screen, we need to use a special programmer which lets us transfer the data from the old screen to the new one. The programmer is very technically advanced and without help of this tool the new iPhone 11 screen won’t keep the original features, also, may be not compatible. Definitely, amateurs won’t cope with this. That’s why we would like to encourage you to book your iPhone 11 screen repair with us! We can guarantee that the job will be done professionally with the highest care!

You can find on the market plenty of iPhone 11 screens. Most of them are cheap copies of the originals, they do not display proper colours, they are weak and thin. Very likely you will find them more than affordable, but you need to remember, that the Apple quality is legendary and if you paid for your iPhone, you paid for certainty, safety and quality. Do not compromise with this, because the iPhone 11 screen deserves to be the best!

Can iPhone 11 screen be replaced?

We would say that iPhone 11 screen must be replaced if it’s broken, because it’s not only a source of risk for the whole device, but very often makes the phone useless. The iPhone 11 screen replacement is the most common repair for this model, like for all iPhone models. No wonder why; iPhone 11 screen is made of glass mainly and it’s quite easy to smash it during everyday, small accidents. Luckily, the repair is fast and it’s absolutely safe for the device. Also, it let us save a lot of money instead of buying a new iPhone. For sure iPhone 11 screen replacement cost is much lower than a new device, that’s why we recommend this repair to everyone.

How long does it take to fix an iPhone 11 screen?

The iPhone 11 screen replacement is very fast repair. Usually it takes about an hour, including the final test. For our local customers we offer while you wait for repair and for many people is life saving repair because functioning without the smartphone is really difficult. Our iPhones help us with the business, education and ordinary, simple, everyday stuff like banking, shopping or just communication, especially if phone’s users are vulnerable or need to be in touch with members of the family or NHS staff.
If you would like to book the iPhone 11 screen repair, you can do it online via our website, we can guarantee that you will be without a phone just for only a day!

Can I replace my iPhone screen myself?

Honestly, it’s not the best idea. It’s very easy to kill the phone during opening without professional tools and knowledge how to use them. Sometimes, the level of damages caused by lack of experience and knowledge is very high and instead of paying for the iPhone 11 screen replacement only, the self-repairer must pay for replacing of other parts which were damaged during the attempt of the repair.
Definitely we do not recommend it, it’s just not worth to put on risk a device which costs nearly a thousand pound!

Is it worth replacing iPhone screen?

For sure! You can imagine that the iPhone 11 screen cost is merely a small fraction of real value of the new device. Also, the iPhone 11 screen replacement saves not only your money and time, but the device as a whole unit, including all your data, pictures, phone numbers, messages, etc, etc. iPhone 11 screen repair is like replacing flat tyres in your car. If they are punctured or damaged, you can replace them, you do not have to buy a new car! Here is exactly the same.

You can save a lot of money on iPhone 11 screen replacement, so do not hesitate to book it and post it to us. We can promise you express repair which will be covered by the same guarantee as Apple Store provides.
Our screens are always brand new and they are not refurbished, that’s why we can guarantee the excellent quality of the repair and fantastic turnaround!

Why did my iPhone 11 screen stop working?

If the iPhone 11 screen stopped working, it means that it’s just simply damaged. When the device has been dropped or was in contact with liquids or steam, it may stop work. In fact, the iPhone 11 screen is very robust, however, we need to remember that it’s still a glass product and contains a lot of layers which may be separately damaged during accidents.

Not all damaged or faulty screens are smashed. Sometimes the glass layer on the top of the screen is all right, but the inner layers like the digitizer or LCD could be damaged. In cases like that, the iPhone 11 screen replacement or iPhone 11 screen repair will solve all screen’s issues immediately!

Why does my iPhone 11 keep glitching?

No doubt it’s one of sings of damages. If the iPhone 11 screen is faulty, you may expect all spectrum of symptoms- the screen may type messages itself, it may activate apps without touching the device, it may cause delayed reaction to touch or pressure. Mentioned sings are typical for the digitizer issue and they are very, very common. However, there is nothing to worry about. Everything you have to do is booking the iPhone 11 screen repair which heals your phone issue promptly! We can help you with everything during the process of booking, repair and dispatch, just let us know how we could assist you!


How can I test my iPhone 11 screen?

Well, it’s quite easy! The most simple way to check iPhone 11 screen is messaging. Please go to messages and start type a message, please tap each letter or sign you can see on the screen. If the response is correct, then you can change the position of the phone from horizontal to vertical one and repeat the process again. This way you will know that you touched each point on the screen and the screen is responsive fully.

How do you know if your iPhone 11 screen is damaged?

You will know it for sure. If the iPhone 11 screen is unresponsive, and doesn’t respond to your touch, it means that the digitizer is gone and you urgently need iPhone 11 screen repair.

In case of worry about the LCD display, you do not have to do anything, you can easily see all discoloration or inappropriate shade of the background. You can also see lines, dark spots, or the screen may be completely black, but, the device may work fine, even though you cannot see anything. Please try to call yourself from a different device, if the phone rings, it will mean that your handset is okay, it just needs a new iPhone 11 screen.
We can assure you that iPhone 11 screen repair takes about an hour, so your trouble will be sorted without delay!

Does the iPhone 11 screen break easily?

We do not think that the iPhone 11 screen is more sensitive than other models. All of them are solid and it’s not easy to damage them. However, if the power of the impact is huge, if your phone will land on the concrete floor or tiles, then the likeliness that your iPhone 11 screen and the rear glass plate is fairly sure. Most people do not pay attention to everyday, small accidents. Each time you drop your phone down, the impact may cause tiny, internal cracks. Still is not bad and it wouldn’t affect the screen, but if the sum or impacts will be too high, the final, even not serious one may cause complete failure of the screen. In case like that, please pop into Free Fusion store in Corby for while you wait for repair.

Or, do not cook it, just book it online, we will complete iPhone 11 screen repair or iPhone 11 screen replacement in a couple of hours!
Nonetheless, the iPhone 11 screen is still solid and much better than in other phones.


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  1. Emma Rock

    They are professional and very friendly. I grabbed great, sale offer on Facebook and booked online screen repair for iPhone 11. Before I found them I had been quoted at other shops including Apple and their prices are unbeatable! Faultless repair, amazing turnaround, pleasant customer service. That’s everything I need; many thanks Free Fusion!

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  2. Stuart Walker

    Fast and incredible, efficient service. They offered iPhone 11 screen much cheaper than Apple and iSmash. Too cheap to be real, but the fact is that they provided what they offered on the web-site.After booking online I received a couple of emails with all the details of my order and proce-dures. Communication was great, the repair has been sorted the same day, I even received an email with confirmation of dispatch. Top service.

    (0) (0)
  3. Nicola Abbott

    Feels like I’ve got a new phone! I googled them and check their great reviews so I booked my repair online and decided to send my iPhone 11 for screen replacement. I also called them and spoke to a lovely lady who helped me with my order. Extremely friendly and helpful team. Phone has been repaired the same day and I got it back the next day. Great prices,cheaper than others, great job. Couldn’t want more!

    (0) (0)
  4. Lorna Morris

    I was looking for a cheap iphone 11 screen replacement near me. Sadly none of the local shops offer them, so I googled Free Fusion special offer. They are much cheaper than the Apple store which is closed, but anyway, they have great reviews. I gave them a try! iPhone 11 screen replacement cost was very friendly so I booked my repair online and post my phone to the store in Corby. I’ve been updated constantly during time of repair till I get my phone back. Smooth, fast and great communication. Phone looks amazing and arrived well and safely packed. Great service!

    (0) (0)
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