iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Repair

  • Brand new, certified part covered by extended guarantee
  • Repair available with while-you wait or 24 h turnaround

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Repair guarantees you:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max OLED Screen which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • A brand new, sealed iPhone 11 Pro Max OLED screen repair ( not LCD! )
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provide
  • Peace of mind you are doing right thing!
  • Please note this is an OLED technology screen (not LCD) which guarantees a perfect resolution and brightness of the screen.
  • Express turnaround for online and local customers (locals please visit us in the store  )

Still have doubts?

  • Please check our gallery with genuine pictures taken in our workshop!
  • We have been registered with the Information’s Commissioners Office since 2012!
Want to know how good we are?


Ten to one, the most fragile element of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is its glass and liquid crystal display. Crack harm is the leading cause that our customers visit us. The fact is, that even you take good of your iPhone 11 Pro Max mishap can take place. It can simply move out from your hand, or drop into puddle!

It is common knowledge, screen repair of iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most casual mend – the surface of the screen is very thin and for that reason it’s easy to scrape or fracture Impact to your screen may produce not only esthetic problems but also could affect the LCD layer. If your device has crash down from the height and you found some failures – not to worry – that’s not a catastrophe as it can be fixed promptly at Free Fusion!

Pop in to our store or book online to repair your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s screen at amazing competitive prices.


Screen repair for iPhone 11 Pro Max near me

Most people, when looking for iPhone 11 Pro Max screen UK repair will look for the behind the corner phone repair shop to place where they live, but this is not always the optimal the cheapest option.

Free Fusion present repairs to every person in the UK and bring a highest level of the service for all repairs! Our company is based in Corby (Northamptonshire), but you may arrange the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement, doesn’t matter where you live!

Just make use our Send-in-Service and after we obtain your device we will go ahead with the repair promptly. At first we will investigate the fault in order to how to pick up advanced the failure is – this step is free. What’s more, it will help us assess the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement price for you. In most situations only the front layer of the display is not working – nonetheless, sometimes the failure also affect to LCD screen.

It’s worth knowing that Free Fusion professional repair centre has been supplying professional repair service for iPhone owners since 2012. Through years of activity we have achieved the experience, knowledge and trust of our clients.

Our great experience with screen replacement for the iPhone 11 Pro Max has made our tech guys proficient in screen replacement and we can guarantee that your mobile will be in good hands.

We welcome your visit in our Corby, Northamptonshire shop every day between 9am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we provide prompt repairs while-you-wait to 2pm. More over we offer a booking system via our website for online clients. Phone owners from all around the UK are welcome to apply to our services.

At Free Fusion we always ensuring a cost-effective price for iPhone 11 pro max screen repair with amazing repair times.


Does my Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max’s screen need a full replacement?

After the mishap the top of the screen in your handset may become chapped. Sometimes our customers expecting to fix the glass surface only because the LCD is workable. We know that some services offer only top layer of the screen replacement, which might be low-price alternative for a customer.

Still, this quality of repair is very perilous and unquestionably not efficient, typically it begins a lot of complications related to the digitizer or LCD, which means in real that your device may not answer to touch any more, could not present an image properly, you may see all possible failures of LCD- fading, wrong shade- too dark, too bright, the LCD may leak, display a white pixels or other sorts of discoloration.

You might feel tempted by lower price, but you have to take into account that the dodgy-low price reflects the low quality of the screen. iPhone 11 Pro Max, like all Apple goods is prizewinning product and installing poor duplicates of the elements to fix it may cause a key worries not only with the display, but also with the mobile as a whole unit.

All of us understand that major part of mobile repair shops use not certified parts which can result in early damage and lousy class – you, at the same time, do not have to be anxious about that if you make a decision to entrust your device to us!

In the time of the iPhone 11 Pro Max full-screen repair at Free Fusion, we will remove your smashed front panel and separate it with the topmost care. We will then restore the display unit with a certified iPhone 11 Pro Max screen to make you satisfied!

At Free Fusion we do not compromise on quality. In before we apply a front panel in your iPhone, we always test it before we start to be completely sure that you will get your device back in mint state, for this reason we are self-sure and provide you the same type of promise like Apple Store offers


How we apply a replacement of iPhone 11 Pro Max screen

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement is not challenge for us. Our professional technicians are able to fix any glass and LCD fault with ease! Our team of highly trained professionals make sure that you receive certified front panel at the best grade; this distinguishes us from the different shops who frequently use uncertified displays.

As we genuinely do care about the quality, we insert in our clients equipment only properly sealed assemblies which integrate the glass and LCD. This way we enable our iPhone users keep the Apple value in their iPhones and enjoy their devices everyday.

We are aware that most of Apple products are expensive and we all the time hold the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement price friendly for all customers. It help our clients to fix their precious handsets instead of spend a lot of money for new phone. This way we guard not only our clients’ money, but protect the natural habitat against electronic refuse.

Screen replacement for iPhone 11 Pro Max is not the only mend we provide at Free Fusion. Our crew of well-trained engineers will be able to support you with any failure not only of the iPhone 11 Pro Max but various other generations of Apple phones and tablets too.

We have vast experience in fixing aqueous damaged devices, replacing old batteries and other parts of the iPhone for example speakers, microphones, cameras, buttons and so on.

As well as iPhones we repair iPods, iPads and lots of other brands different than Apple like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia etc.

Our repair centre is open every workday between 9am and 5:30pm. You can visit us in Corby (Northamptonshire) or contact our staff by email or phone. We will do everything possible find an answer to your problem as quick as possible – most of standard repairs can be mended in 1 day. Email us or just call us to learn more details about our offer!

At Free Fusion we offer a wide selection of repairs for the iPhone 11 Pro Max – not just glass and LCD repairs. We encourage you to make us of our assistance if you have spotted any irregularities in the use of buttons, microphones, speakers, cameras or earpieces. Also, we can even be of service if your phone has been water or liquid damaged. To figure out more about our service – spy on our website. Also do not hesitate to communicate with us by email or phone if you have any additional inquiries about our repair centre and availability.


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