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Apple iPhone XS: expectations!

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All Apple’s lovers cannot wait to see new babies from Cupertino!
iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a cheaper phone that will be a follow up to the iPhone 8 and is likely to be called the iPhone Xc.
This year’s lineup is an “S year” – a move that suggests the devices will mostly include internal upgrades rather than a design overhaul.
What’s a shame!!!
All three of the new iPhones could feature an edge-to-edge screen, like the current iPhone X, alongside a TrueDepth camera system that can be used for Face ID.

Two of the devices are predicted to come with premium OLED (organic LED) screens while one could use a cheaper LCD screen. Rumours suggest the OLED models be on sale in September and the LCD model in October.

Apple analyst expect to see a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone, a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone Plus and a 6.1-inch affordable LCD iPhone. They could all feature significantly improved battery life thanks to a new Apple-designed A12 processor.

Last year Apple released one of its biggest smartphone upgrades in years with its tenth anniversary iPhone. The iPhone X (or “ten” as they like to call it) presented a major design shift with an all-screen front, a dual camera, wireless charging and facial recognition technology.

This year the company will be expected to improve on that design. While the iPhone X was a critical success, it was considered hugely expensive at £1,000 and, while profitable for Apple, has not sold in huge numbers like some of its older devices.

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