iPhone XS LCD Screen Replacement

  • Brand new, certified part covered by extended guarantee
  • Repair available with while-you wait or 24 h turnaround

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iPhone XS LCD Screen Replacement guarantees you:

  • A brand new, sealed iPhone XS LCD screen replacement ( not OLED! )
  • iPhone XS LCD Screen which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • Please note this is an LCD technology screen 
  • Peace of mind you are doing right thing!
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provide
  • Express turnaround for online and local customers (locals please visit us in the store  )
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  • We have been registered with the Information’s Commissioners Office since 2012!
  • Please check our gallery with genuine pictures taken in our workshop!


Very likely, the most fragile area of the iPhone XS is its screen. Crack fault is the leading cause that phone owners visit us. The fact is, that even you look after your iPhone XS calamity can come off. It can easily slip away from your hand, or drop into water!

It is well known fact, screen repair of iPhone XS is the most usual replacement – the surface of the screen is sensitive and hence it’s easy to scrape or split Damage of the screen may make not only esthetic trouble but also could bring the complication with the LCD screen. If your phone has fallen flat from the height and you discovered some damage signs – not to worry – this is not a calamity as it can be repaired while you wait at Free Fusion!

Pop in to our store or book online to fix your iPhone XS’s LCD screen at great competitive prices.


iPhone XS LCD screen replacement near me

Most phone owners, when looking for iPhone XS LCD screen UK replacement will look for the nearest repair centre to home, but this is not always the optimal the cheapest option.

Free Fusion offers repairs to each one in the UK and provide a professional service for all repairs! Our company is placed in Corby (Northamptonshire), but you may request the iPhone XS LCD screen replacement, doesn’t matter where you live!

Just put to use our Send-in-Service and after we receive your smartphone we will start the repair just straight away. First of all we will check the problem in order to learn how serious the failure is – this part of our work is for free. Furthermore, it will help us make an estimate of the iPhone XS LCD screen replacement price for you. The most likely only the front layer of the screen is broken – although , from time to time the issue also applies to LCD screen.

It’s worth knowing that Free Fusion service centre has been providing professional repairs for iPhone users since 2012. Through years of work we have achieved the experience, skills and credit of our customers.

Our vast experience with screen replacement for the iPhone XS has made our technicians proficient in screen replacement and we can guarantee that your mobile will be in right hands.

We welcome your visit in our Corby, Northamptonshire store every day between 9am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we provide fast repairs while-you-wait to 2pm. Except that we offer a Send-in-Service for online clients. Customers from all around the UK are very welcome to try out our services.

At Free Fusion we always guarantee a affordable price for iPhone XS LCD screen replacement with incredible repair times.


Does my Apple iPhone XS’s LCD screen replacement?

After the mishap the top of the screen in your handset may become chapped. From time to time our customers expecting to fix the glass ply only because the LCD is in working order. We understand that some mobile phone services offer only glass replacement, which might be cheaper choice for a phone owner.

However, this quality of repair is very unpredictable and unquestionably not well run, typically it generate a lot of issues related to the touch ply or LCD, which means in real that your phone may not reply to touch any more, may not present an background, you may see all possible failures of LCD- lack of brightness, wrong shade- too dark, too bright, the LCD may leak, display a black dots or other sorts of decolorization.

You might feel tempted by more affordable price, but you have to take into account that the low price reflects the bad quality of the screen. iPhone XS, like all Apple devices is top shelf and providing poor copies of the parts to repair it may bring you a major problems not only with the display, but also with the handset as a whole unit.

We all know that majority of repair centres use bad copies- components which can cause early damage and poor standard – you, at the same time, do not have to lose sleep about that if you make a decision to entrust your phone to us!

For the time of the iPhone XS full-screen repair at Free Fusion, we will dismantle your cracked glass and LCD and detach it with the greatest care. We will then replace the glass and LCD with a fully checked iPhone XS screen to make you satisfied!

Here, at Free Fusion we do not compromise on quality. In before we provide a display unit in your iPhone, we never forget check it before we start the job to be completely sure that you will receive your mobile back in perfect state, that’s why we are confident and offer you the same type of promise like Apple Store offers


How we apply a replacement of iPhone XS LCD screen

Apple iPhone XS LCD screen replacement is a standard job for us. Our very experienced technicians are able to repair any screen problem with ease! Our team of well trained professionals make sure that you get certified screens at the best class; this distinguishes us from the other repair centers who often use bad copies of displays.

As we honestly do care about the excellent quality, we fit in our customers’ equipment only correctly sealed assemblies which merge the glass and LCD. By using this way we enable our iPhone users get the Apple standards in their devices and enjoy their devices daily.

We know that all Apple goods are expensive and we permanently preserve the iPhone XS LCD screen replacement price affordable for all customers. It encourage our customers to mend their precious mobiles instead of waste a fortune for new phone or tablet. Like that we save not only our clients’ funds, but protect the climate against computerized waste.

Screen replacement for iPhone XS is not the only service we provide at Free Fusion. Our crew of experts can provide you with any defect not just of the iPhone XS but numerous different models of Apple phones and tablets also.

We have great deal of experience in repairing water damaged mobiles, replacing weak batteries and different elements of the iPhone such as speakers, microphones, cameras, buttons and so on.

As well as iPhones we fix iPods, iPads and many more brands different from Apple like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia etc.

Our shop is open every workday between 9am and 5:30pm. You can come visit us in Corby (Northamptonshire) or make contact with our staff by email or phone. We will do everything possible find a treatment to your problem as fast as possible – majority of regularl repairs can be renovated in 24 hours. Call us or just email us to figure out more particulars about our repairs!

At Free Fusion we provide a wide variety of services for the iPhone XS – not just front panel repairs. We spur you to take advantage of our services if you have noted any roughness in the operating of microphones, speakers, earpieces, cameras etc. Also, we can even be of service if your handset has been water or liquid damaged. To learn more about our service – check our website. Also feel comfortable to touch with us by email or phone if you have any more questions about our service centre and availability.


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