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Nowadays our smartphone is the most important device, which we are using not only for texting and calling, but also to check many comfortable applications. That is why when some iPhone damage occurs, it is a big catastrophe for user. Fortunately most of the problems can be fixed, especially if you decide to use our iPhone repair service centre! Our top specialists are able to cope with any types of errors in all Apple’s models, and our service won’t ruin your budget.

Most types of iPhone repair near me

This amazing Apple’s device is probably the most popular brand of smartphones all around the world. In our service centre for iPhone You will be able to fix most of the models, including earlier versions. Visit our Northamptonshire’s office if you are the owner of broken iPhone: XS MAX, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, etc. – check our site for more details! In our company we are cooperating with talented technicians, who are very experienced in iPhone repairs of all sorts. The first step of their job is diagnosis, our crew will check all the parameters of your smartphone using sophisticated technology which helps to understand the cause of the fault and estimate iPhone repair cost. Thanks to that, you will be able to decide if you want to spend your money on fixing, or maybe you prefer to buy some new device. The diagnosis is entirely free of charge and covers all type of faults. Although our Apple repair centre is located in Northamptonshire, we are inviting people from all around UK, you only need to try our Send-in-Service! Thanks to that, you don’t have to wonder “where is the best iPhone repairs centre near me?” and choose the cheapest and most professional option available in the UK.

iPhone screen fix near me

One of the most common and unpleasant type of faults is the broken screen, it occurs when your smartphone fall down on some hard ground. Fortunately, in our service centre for iPhone we are able to manage this problem as fast as possible! Our experienced engineers  are using the most modern equipment to fix this defect on the spot, to help you enjoy your device again. This type of iPhone repair is also recommended when your screen is only scratched or it’s displaying any irregularities like black spots for example. Unlike other phone repair services, we are using only brand new screens, not refurbished. Therefore, if anyone is interested in the finest iPhone repairs centre near me, our offer is recommended! Beside, even if your iPhone warranty is still valid, our service is a lot better option, because defects such as broken screen are not covered by it. In that situation iPhone repair prices can be up to 50% of the device’s value.  So in case of emergency like that don’t panic and contact our store immediately. There is no better answer for a question “where to fix my iPhone?” for sure!

Water damage – iPhone repair shop near me

Another type of repair for iPhone that we may offer, is water damage fixing. This kind of defect could be very dangerous for your smartphone, that’s why you need to act very quickly! After you drop the device into the liquid, remove it immediately and follow this guideline before you contact our iPhone repair centre in Corby. First of all you need to switch it off and remove the battery, even if smartphone seems to be alright. Charging and using it is forbidden, because irreversible changes may occur in its motherboard. In our service iPhone repairing begins with diagnosis, our crew will check the progression of the damages and give you the feedback immediately. After you decide to use our help, we will start the work by using the ultrasonic cleaner to eliminate all sorts of impurities from inside the device. We are doing our best to reduce time of repairing iPhone, but sometimes it may take for several days. However, the opinions of our customers are only positive, so if you are looking for nearest, cheap iPhone repair centre, contact us today!

Repair iphone shop for battery replacement

After about 300 charging cycles the iPhone’s battery is slowly dying and causes a lot of problems to the users. If your smartphone needs to be charged a lot more often than usual, contact us, and we will fix the iPhone! We are offering you the battery replacement that will bring your device back to life, without ruining your home budget. Unlike many other iPhone repairs centres in UK, we are using only original batteries, not its replacements. It is very important if you wish your smartphone to serve you for another several years. The unauthorized battery often has much smaller capacity and need to be replaced again within a year. Big frequency of charging is not the only symptom of battery’s defect. Another reasons for repairing this iPhone’s error is when device switches off in the cold, or it’s get very hot during use. In many cases battery also swells and pushes the screen of the phone up. So if you are tired of problems like that and want order the fixing of iPhone in our service, contact us immediately and enjoy your smartphone once again.

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